Sunday, September 21, 2008

I just logged onto the Bad Girls site to see if I'd made it to round two and I did I did!!!! I am so thrilled beyond words right now. Sundays are becoming quite nerve raking for me now that I decided to give Top Designer a try thanks to my friend Danielle's encouragement. If it weren't for her I'd have never even tryed but she made me feel like my scrappin was good enough to try. There is so much amazing talent in this group and their work is really amazing! So I can't wait to see what tmr has in store for the next challenge.

Here's a cute pic of my hubs and dd all dressed for the big event here in the Smith home on Sundays...yes Football! My husband needless to say is simply ecstatic over the Dolphin crush of the Patriots this morning. I don't think I've seen that big of a grin on his face since the day Lily was born and he held her for the first time.


Thinknpinkmom said...

Congratulations on moving to the next round!! :)

Jessica said...

cute pic! she is adorable with her little Dolphins shirt on!

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