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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello friends! It's been a bit busy for me lately and I feel like a bad blogger! This weekend I attended a Women in Business conference and it was amazing. I learned so much and was inspired by the women speakers. I want to share one thing that really stuck with me that the 1st speaker said

"We are not here to live small"

If you have a dream, live it. Ask yourself "how" you can achieve your goals and set a path to reaching those goals. I want to encourage you to believe in yourself. I set two goals for myself in 2009 in regards to crafting. One was to get on a Design Team and the other was to get my work published. In December of 2009 I made the Imaginisce Design Team after applying for SEVERAL Design Teams only to be turned down again and again. I did not give up! And finally not giving up paid off. I did not meet my goal of being published until just last month. Sometimes we don't reach the goals we set for ourselves in the time frame we set out to but I want you to hear me when I say to you "don't give up" It's so important to believe in yourself but you are special and everyone has something inside themselves to give that will make someone else feel good about themselves.
I just wanted to share this with you for something crafty that I am excited about

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I'll be participating in this fun event so stay tuned for more info on how you can win prizes too!!

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