Finding Peace within the Chaos called Life

Sunday, September 26, 2010

There are days when things get to me. When worries overcome my positive thinking and stress tends to get the best of me. When this happens I talk hubby into loading the kids into the car and heading 10 mins from our house to the beach. As soon as I get out of the car I smell the air, feel the warmth of the summer sun on my face soon as I see this...

Everything is OK. I breath, I relax and I am thankful. I may not live in a big house or have an unlimited crafting budget but I do have the beauty and peace of the ocean. It comforts me, helps me feel renewed and empowered but most of all it makes me feel at home.

 And then there's my kids...I love them so much!

Scott is not a big fan of me taking his photo right now so I snuck this shot. Must be a teenager thing. Hmmm 13 was a tough age if I remember. I do remember hanging out at our local theater in Atascadero with friends a lot. I know it's an awkward age but I do tell him that I think he's awesome a lot and he gives me a big smile.

There was a Volleyball Tournament at Manhattan Beach this afternoon and lots going on down on the sand near the pier. It was a nice evening. Hubby said he also really enjoys these walks. We really try for every other Sunday evening but sometimes life has other plans for us.

It was busy this past week at the Smith home. I am still getting settled with my new daycare baby and learning how she likes to be cared for. It is interesting having one so little (she's 9 mos) and Lily together but honestly the baby is easy going and Lily, well that kid is just plain amazing. I am such a proud mom to have such a sweet and loving little girl.

This week I'll be posting Paper Posies October kit designs and we have a Halloween themed add-on kit this month so keep an eye out for that. I'll also be showing you some ideas for place cards for Thanksgiving with Imaginisce's Apple Cider Line and of course Thursday is Hip Hop!!

Don't forget World Card Making day is Sat October 2nd and I will try to let you in on some fun events happening around Facebook and my favorite blogs this week!

Have a fantastic week!


erin said...

way to go...finding the positives in this crazy world of ours!

Liszha said...

With kids like that who cares about a big house or endless spending money! (I know the feeling though)
And living so near the beach is a big treat too!\

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