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Friday, April 13, 2012

Hello friends. It's time to get fit! Scrap fit that is...Have you signed up yet?

Spring Training 2012: Get in the best scrapbooking shape of your life! Sweatbands optional. Register now >>
Spring Training includes 12 days of video coaching sessions by some very talented and inspirational scrapbookers and photographers, along with training exercises, challenges, live chats, bonus downloads and...wait for it...prizes!!!

Do you have 20 minutes a day to flex your creative muscle? Sure you do! And even if you're running a bit behind, there's no expiration date on the content. You can log in any time and catch up on the videos, tips and challenges.

So put on those leg warmers and let's go!

Shape Up Your Scrapbooking in Spring Training 2012

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