Underneath my Christmas tree

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I found this ornament under the tree this morning with two of Princes plucked at their feet and their arms also missing, you ask how could this be? Seems Princess Lily has been at play under my tree today...

Oh yes, if you have a 2 year old you know what mischief they can get into especially when you add pretty shiney things at their reach and a tree full of ornaments is just too tempting for one busy toddler. I thought I had done a good job explaining that the ornaments are to look at and not to play with.
Obviously not well enough. Should make for a funny story someday when she's older tho. I'll do my best to glue them back together.
It's 2 days til Christmas and since I got sick Monday we didn't make it to the Grove as planned yesterday since I spent most of the day and evening sleeping. So this afternoon we're heading out early to finally see Santa. I hope Lily will sit on his lap {fingers crossed} so I can get some good pictures this year.
Have a great day!


laterg8r said...

those poor princes LOL :D

Denise said...

Oh noooo...my nick did the same thing to the people in my lil villages last year and now this year he's extra nice to them!!! Have a great Christmas Shemaine!

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