I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yes sadly we don't get a White Christmas in Southern California but when a girl can get Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby serenading her their version of White Christmas, well what else could this California girl need? So every year I look forward to December and Christmas because I know White Christmas will be playing on AMC. I actually start searching the Tivo Guide December 1st. Well this year it's showing on December 5th! Squeal!!! I've set my Tivo and our family tree trimming is not set for Saturday Dec. 5th as well. And my gift to you all my friends is a collection of all the songs from the movie White Christmas courtesy of Playlist. It's 29 minsutes long so feel free to click the mute button if you don't care to listen cause these songs are a bit cheesy I know. If you seen the haven't seen the movie and the message then set your Tivo too cause you'll fall in love with White Christmas too!


Carla said...

Shemaine, that is a wonderful movie! I bought the dvd a few years ago cause I kept missing the movie, had other engagements. So now I can even play it on my laptop while I'm making Christmas cards! Hopefully we can have a white Christmas here in the midwest, so if we do, I'll send you some pics!! If not, well, we can watch the movie and dream!!!

laterg8r said...

it's awesome, i own it :D

laterg8r said...
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Liszha said...

Nothing wrong with a warm hot christmas. Here it is often very cold and freezing and I could not think of anything better then a mild climate!
I keep driving my car, flying and buy my food only when it comes for at least 500 kilometers away.........
No, just kidding!
Enjoy your lovely weather,

P.S. Don't here any music!

sharyncarlson said...

Oh, fun! This is my favorite Christmas movie. My hubby bought us a copy and I've already watched it twice this year :)

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