Oh not again...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It started last night with a scratchy throat and I just knew it. I woke up this morning feeling terrible. My head felt so stuffy and my ears were hurting. I can't believe I am sick again! I got up and apparently my daughter had opened the packages I had set under the tree last night after she went to bed. My hubby was clearly a little frustrated having to handle the kids while trying to watch football and deal with Lily and her early present opening. So I whipped up breakfast for my little one and a cup of coffee for myself and tried to hang in til nap time. Thank goodness for naps. My daughter must have not been feeling well either because she was pretty cranky all morning. When she went to sleep so did I. She slept about 3 hours which was good for me. I made dinner tonight for everyone and went back to sleep and woke up at 8:30. Sunday is pretty much over.
The worst part of getting sick was yesterday while I was out finishing some last minute shopping my new Slice came and my prize package from Pink Paislee!! I never even got near my scrap space. I spent most of the day sleeping, which is why this post is so late. Since I slept all day now I'm afraid I'll be up all night.
Hopefully tmr will be a better day, I'm behind with some projects I wanted to get done for Christmas and I'm running out of time. Can you believe that Friday is Christmas?
I'll have some fun stuff to share this week and the Get Sketchy prize this week is being sponsored by GCD! Make sure you check back Friday.
Hope you have a fantastic week leading up to Christmas!


Courtney Baker said...

Oh girl that stinks. Hope you get to feeling better. And you should have a package coming from me really soon! ;)

Lisa Spiegel said...

Darn it, feel better!!!

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