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Thursday, December 10, 2009

I finally had a chance to get out and go to Michaels tonight and I've been wanting this forever! It's 29.99. That mat not seem like a lot but I rarely spend that kind of money of one craft item unless it's some kind of tool.

And then I got my holiday issue of Martha Stewart Living and she gave me a fantastic holiday gift inside . A coupon for 50 percent off any of her products. I've been saving it for over a month now, see being a SAHM and the fact that we only have one working car, I just don't get out much.
So there I am in Michaels, glitter and coupon in hand ready waiting in a very long line. Why is it when I walked in the store there was no line but when I am ready to leave the line is super long? It's finally my turn to pay and the sweet girl rings me up and then says "her stuff is so expensive" I reply "yea" and hand her my FAB coupon and smile. She smiles and says "16.34 is your total. YES!
So I open my wallet to pay and this sick feeling comes over me. You know that moment where your heart skips a beat and you feel the wave of warmth spread over your cheeks.
Yea that feeling...there is a black spot in my wallet where my debit card should be. Panic, embarrassment and absolute defeat hits me like a ton of bricks.
I look up and say" my husband took my debit card out of my wallet" Yes he did and I remember at that very moment that I had walked in the bedroom to retrieve it from his wallet before I left the house and just like every mom I know was distracted by my daughter asking me "um bears mom" she wanted her bears out of her crib. Of course I got them for her and got her settled so she would not cry when I leave (she's doing the whole seperation thing right now) I of course then grabbed my jacket and left.
And to top it off I don't carry cash, I haven't for years. Bummer...I tell her "well I guess I'll have to come back" and she looks annoyed. You'd think one woman to another I'd get just a little understanding of my situation you know. I apologize for the trouble of course and ask for my FAB coupon back and walk out of the store. It's 8:35 and they close at 9 so I can't make it home and back before they close. Yes I will be going back tomorrow.


laterg8r said...

dang, that is frusterating - cool that you got a 50% off coupon though :D

Anonymous said...

great find in the magazine!!! :)


Jessica said...

yeah i can totally relate...sometimes i feel that nothing is ever easy...well enjoy your treat when you finally get it! have a great weekend!

Sam said...

oh poo - I hate that feeling - I had it once when I went to pay for petrol (gas)!!!! The horror on my face must have been priceles!! You see, when I was a bit younger I had this habit of putting my card in my jeans back pocket (rarely do that anymore) and I had simply forgotten to replace it!! Fortunately just the week before I had been to my boss's house for dinner so I just happened to know that he lived just over the road!!! (thank goodness for small mercies - he was in too!!).

Anyway - I hope you went back and got them at that rather fab price!

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