Inking your Anna Griffin dies: Responding to some questions some of you had.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hello friends. I had a couple of questions in the comments about how I added ink to one of my samples I created with Anna Griffin's Cuttlebug Cut and Emboss Dies kit: floral.
I looked back thru my images and found that I had snapped some photos of how I achieved this look.

 photo ShemaineFloraldies6.jpg

I cut and embossed the yellow shade of patterned cardstock in Anna's Perfect Palette Card Making kit. Then I used a darker yellow shade of pigment ink to ink the exposed cardstock thru the die.

They key to achieving this technique is to go tone on tone but use a slightly darker shade of pigment ink. Make sure you cover all the exposed cardstock with ink. When I am finished, I wipe my dies clean with baby wipes.

 photo DieDemo1.jpg

 Here's a finished sample and one ready to be inked side by side so you can see the end result.

 photo ShemaineFloraldies2.jpg

Here's another example of the same die but with Anna's fresh tints ink pads (cream). If you want a subtle look like this card then use chalk inks. I still stayed with the tone on tone look using cream cardstock and the cream ink pad. Anna's inks are really beautiful and apply very well!

Thanks so much for your comments! I hope this answered any questions you had about this technique. I love hearing from you, so don't be shy if you are wondering how something was created. Just leave me any questions in the comments and I'll do my best to respond as quickly as possible.

Thanks again for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave your comments!

Have a creative day!



Melissa Smith said...


phamil said...

Great tip! I'll have to try this!!!

Margie H said...

Beautiful cards, Shemaine! Love stenciling ink through dies - brings out the beauty of a die design :)

Lin Murray said...

So that's how you ink those so perfectly - Awesome! Thanks for sharing your tips.

grama pei said...

oh, THANK YOU! This certainly does help~!

Debra Knowles said...

It's 2 years later and your help is still greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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