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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hello friends. Friday was my 43rd Birthday. Forty-three...I'm not really feeling that number to be quite honest. I still feel like I am in my 20's except I am ALOT wiser than I was at 23...LOL. It seems like as we get older Birthdays aren't really as significant as they used to be and instead of the big fanfare we'd rather let them quietly pass. This year's birthday was pretty quiet.

I had a fabulous day. My husband took me out to breakfast in the Marina, then I did a little shopping and got a haircut. I baked my own Birthday cake {German Chocolate} my favorite and then we went out to dinner with my hubby and daughter before my son's Concert Band performance. After we put the kids to bed, hubby and I just watched a little tv and enjoyed my Birthday cake.

Here's a little photo mash up of my 43rd Birthday

 I told my hubby "I don't look a day over 35" lol. He of course agreed...

 I'm excited to see what 43 brings me. I won't lie, 42 has been a tough year for us as a family so I am definitely looking forward to a more positive year.

Thanks for all the sweet Facebook wishes I received. I tried to answer and tag each one of your posts. If I missed yours please know that it really meant a lot to me that everyone took the time to post their kind wishes.

Thanks for stopping by!

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