Randomness while I listen to the rain...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm listening to the rain beating down on the sidewalk outside my window and feeling pretty good finally. I think I may be turning a corner with my 3 week cold. I posted this on Facebook before I went to bed

I've decided that tomorrow I am going to wake
up and BE well...I'll let you know how that's goin in the morning

When I get to wake up to this little face everyday, how can I not feel better :) Yes that is her finger in her nose. Not even going there...

She was in full snuggle mode this morning and wanting mommy to join her. You know I did {wink}

I also woke up to my daughter's favorite friends placed in my walking shoes. Now if that isn't love I don't know what is. Hopefully I'll be up to removing them and slipping my feet back into my early morning walks soon.

I wish this was my walking route every morning. With tonight's rain I really feel like it's finally fall here in Los Angeles. We don't get to see the season's change so all you crafty bloggers that post pics of your Fall beauty make me smile. I think I live vicariously thru your Fall posts.

I wish I could layout a huge picnic under this tree with my kids and then collect leaves to take home and decorate the house with after.

*So I ran out for some ink for my photo printer tonight before the downpour and as I was driving home noticed the planes coming in from over the ocean. It was totally weird to see the headlights coming at me as I drove down the 110 fwy. I forget in this weather they come from the West and not the normal East route.
Little funny about living next to LAX, I always know which celebs are in town by their private planes parked to the right of my exit. You can't miss John Travolta's Quantas colored 707 that he flies in himself.

I even found time to make a few cards but you'll have to come back for those since I lost the light and haven't photographed them yet.
Well that's it for my randomness tonight. I hope tomorrow brings you something special. Thanks for stopping by!


Denise said...

AWwww, hope you feel better soon!!! Boy that Little Angel of yours is getting sooooo cute!!!

Kristen said...

I am making chicken noodle soup, but I am a little far to share. I am coming down with something, not sure what yet. The tree photos are GORGEOUS! I love them. And the little nose poker... too cute. I would never get out of bed if I had one of her to snuggle with.

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