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Sunday, October 25, 2009

I didn't intend to go on hiatus from Blogging. I did my Friday post for Get Sketchy Thursday evening and lovely Blogger didn't post it. Then I got caught up in weekend plans and other things that came up and didn't realize my post was missing until tonight.
The stresses of life can weigh upon you at times and lately mine have been jumping on my chest. We try to keep a brave face for our kids and not let them know about adult stuff. It's hard for me because anyone that knows me knows I wear my heart on my sleeve.
Then there's the stress of being a good parent. I have been on my son about studying and being responsible for his work. I can see his grades and assignments daily from school and I know immediately when he messes up. It's so frustrating to keep repeating the same things over and over to him only to have him make the same mistake again. I know...this is part of growing up. Well I thought I did my job this week only to find that he got D's on both of his tests. Math I just can't understand, this kid is an amazing mathematician! There's simply no excuse. Now I'm forced to impose consequences and I hate having to do that.
So needless to say I had to take a step back from crafting and figure out my next game plan with my 12 year old.
Now on another note here's some Saturday fun! We were invited to Harley's 3rd birthday Saturday in Santa Monica

Hmm can you tell where we spent the day?

Another hint...

Yes the party was at the Santa Monica Pier Carousel. Oh how I love the Carousel. Unfortunately Lily wasn't too hip to it. Here's a shot of her and Daddy just before they got on.

Lily in deep thought as the kids in front of her scurry for candy out of the Pinata.

I love this shot of Harley (aka Birthday Boy) we hadn't even started singing yet and he was testing out his cake.
It was a nice day for us and my first real outting after being sick for the last 4 weeks. I feel like the cough is finally subsiding.
The weekend wasn't a total bust. I got a fantastic letter in the mail which I'm sure will bring a little more stress for me but it's been a long time coming. I do believe in Karma. You get back what you put out in this world. Never forget that. I have tried to live my life as a giver and I'll continue to give because what I've gotten back is worth much more than my own efforts.

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Carla said...

Shemaine! Hang in there girl, things WILL get better!! I know all too well the trials and tribulations with boys and school work. I have a 19 yr old in his senior year, wanting to go in the air force, but just can't get his act together and get those grades he will need to graduate. Ugh! And the hardest part is that he lives with his dad, so I only have 2 weekends a month to try and get it to sink into his head that he needs to focus on school. I do have access to his grades online, and I see alot of A's and B's, but alot of D's and F's in between, so disappointing. If you ever figure out what it takes to get them to wake up, let me know!! LOL!! Now my 12 yr old, almost perfect. He is almost a straight A student, learning to play the guitar and is as good as gold!! Go figure! Very true when they say your kids can be total opposites!!! Sounds like you are on the right track so keep up the good work!! You can only do so much you know.

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