Ohhh you Dodgers...

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm so upset over tonight's game. I just crack myself up about how into my baseball I get. I was standing and pacing the floor in the 9th inning and to see my boys in blue give away another game just makes my cheeks red! I wanted to scrap but nope I gave up crafting tonight for the Dodgers and what did I get for it. A high fly ball into right field to bring in the tieing run for the Phillies and then another for the win. Sheesh!! And what's worse is we haven't won a World Series since 1988, the year I graduated High School for Peete's sake!
When I moved to LA in 95 I never thought I'd become a Season ticket holder but it happen in 2004. My parents and I split the 1600.00 package and we had 4 seats for every game. It was a special year for me and my Dodgers. We won the NL Division title and I met my husband. I went to 68 home games that year, yep 68! I watched Eric Gagne close out and save game after game. He set a record for most saves in a row and I was at the game he lost and broke the streak.
I've been following the Dodger since I was 7. Don Sutton was my favorite player and I started watching the games not because my Dad was a huge fan and the games were always on our t.v. but because the cute boy down the street loved the Dodgers...totally cheesy but true.
I'll get over tonight's loss I'm sure but it sure does leave a sour taste in my mouth.
On a happier note...I'm hosting this week's challenge at Paper Posies. I'm challenging the girls to create a project of their choice using clip art. I made this fun vintage Halloween home decor using some free clip art from Vintage Holiday Crafts.com here.
We'd love for you to join our challenge! You can sign up easily to the Paper Posies message board and if you don't have a Paper Posies kit yet you can still purchase Octobers kit here.
See you tmr for the Jacksonbelle Tuesday Challenge!


~amy~ said...

DARLING Shemaine!!! I love it!!!

laterg8r said...

beautiful - love the black tulle :D

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