A night out with the girls

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last night our City Mommy crew met up at Pink Taco in Century City for drinks and chit chat! It's always fun getting together with these girls. We all try to connect at least once every 2 months and usually hit the hot spots on either the West Side or the Valley. Last night's meet was at Pink Taco where Heather's friend, Booke is the manager and always takes great care of us. thanks Brooke! We talked it up so much I hardly had a chance to snap any photos but I did have Alexandra take a pic of me with my sweet Aries sista Kate! I absolutely adore Kate, she's always been so supportive and she really gets me but it's probably because we're both Aries girls. She's an amazing floral designer. If you live in LA and need flowers for your wedding or whatever check out her site Kate Baker Florals

It's always nice to see these girls and really special when everyone can make it. We had 11 of us and a few new ladies too! I always love seeing Alexandra. She's such a southern belle. I love visiting her design blog and reading about her and "the critter" And no night out with the girls would be complete without chatty times with Roxanne tho last night we didn't get to chat all that much because there were so many ladies there.
It's nice to have a group of friends you can laugh with and get tons of support. These ladies are my biggest fans and have been pushing me to do something special with my cards that I make. I'm gonna do it girls, I will because of all your support!
Alexandra has also been a big supporter buying cards from me for awhile now. I really appreciate your business gorgeous!
It really means alot to know they care and want to see me succeed in my crafty hobby. Thanks girls! Can't wait til the next one ladies!

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Danielle said...

good for you Shemaine. You are very lucky to have such great friends who "really get you" and are so supportive of you. Not everyone has that. I'm glad you had a great night out with the gals!

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