The year where we got a REAL Christmas tree.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Yes it's true, Mat and I have had a fake tree through out our entire dating and married years. I just had my heart set on a REAL Christmas tree this year and we finally got one. I can tell you that one little girl in our family sure was excited.
Of course it would be nice if we could go out and cut one down like we used to do growing up in Atascadero (on the Central Coast). I loved going to the tree farm with my Dad. He let us pick out which one we wanted and then we watched him cut it down, load it in the back of his El Camino and set it up in our living room.
Living in the city the best option (and most affordable) for us was Home Depot. So off we all went to find our tree.
As soon as we walked into the lot it did not take long for us to find what we were looking for.


Lily loved this one so Mat pulled it out to take a look.


 Mat was pretty impressed that the first one he pulled was Smith family approved.


Lily could not believe this 8 to 9 ft tree so found on the lot. Too bad our ceilings and pocketbook could not accommodate it.

After we got the tree loaded onto the car, the best part was when Lily realized how we were going to get the tree home. Her priceless response "Mom it's a real tree and it's on our car!"

So we have a real Christmas tree in the Smith family home. I got so wrapped up in decorating the tree with the kids I forgot to snap some photos but I'll post some after pics soon.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you are all enjoying trimming your trees too!

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Alice Carman said...

Lilly's face is priceless!

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