Holiday wrap up

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I just love these...

You must get some, Mary Jane slipper socks now available in Valentine themes at Target. Perfect for those with wood floors like me so you don't slip and fall on yer

Happy Sunday! Today is my wonderful husband's birthday and he's currently enjoying it crashed out in his Lazy-boy with football in the back ground. For him, it's a perfect birthday. What would have made it even better is if the Dolphins would have won today but we won't get into that.
With the holidays behind us I feel like I am finally catching up around here. It was a really fantastic Christmas this year. I got way more that I ever expected. Mat bought me this

And his mom gave me this

So now I can take photos like this one I took at the Grove...

Scott got his ipod Nano and was thrilled

And Lily got her Dora the Explorer talking backpack

Mat was happy playing with the Flip and the little things he recieved. What a guy {smile}
The holidays were hard without my parents here but my Mom told me that it snowed there in Arkansas Christmas morning and she like that.
Tomorrow Scott goes back to school and Mat goes back to work. I have another week off babysitting so Lily and I are gonna walk to the park on Kansas and I'm taking my new camera of course. Happy Sunday all, hope you had wonderful holidays too!!


Linda Beeson said...

Yeah on the new camera - I know how important that one is. Is that the "GROVE" as in Southern California? I wish I had made it around there during the holidays.

Diana said...

Oh my gosh, now you are a Nikon Girl! I have a Nikon too. How fun. I am doing Project 365. A photo a day. Check it out.

Happy New Year

laterg8r said...

omg i need your MIL - what a fantastic gift :D

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