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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I love that my husband is pretty much up to whatever I come up with for us to do as a family. When he came home from work we had planned to go out for a walk and tonight I suggested we head down to the beach.

I love Manhattan Beach. It's really beautiful on the boardwalk. I love the warm sun and the breeze blowing on my face.

Since I've become a stay at home mom and began really scrapbooking on a daily basis, I see the world so differently now. I find so much beauty in such simple things. I see an expression on my daughter's face and I want to hold onto that moment forever. I want to scrap a layout of Scott being silly before he has to act "cool" all the time when he becomes a teenager. I want to tell the story of our family's lives in the kids scrapbooks. I want them not just to appreciate the holidays and birthdays but the ordinary days too. You know what I'm talking about...

Here's some shots I toook of our evening walk at the beach

We park at the top and walk down to the boardwalk

this lady's dog kept stopping cause his legs were getting tired from running. he kept looking up at her and barking as if to say "Keep going? Are you kidding me?"

I love the way these dance in the ocean breeze

I'd love to sit on that balcony and watch the sunset

A view of the pier from the boardwalk

A view of the boardwalk from the pier

I took this shot from the pier. I wish the rays from the sun hitting the water were more visable but it's still a beautiful shot.

After an hour walk we headed to Rocky Cola for dinner. It's a 50's style diner place that we like in Hermosa Beach.

The have jukeboxes at the table that cost a quarter a song. We put a quarter in so Lily could hear it play but ours was broken.

Mommy ~ Daughter close up
Hope you had a great evening with your family too! See you tmr for the Hip Hop!

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Your photos are fab!

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