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Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a day! I've been going non stop since we got up this morning. The party planning is in full swing! I'm so thrilled that my sweet little girl is celebrating her birthday in just 6 days! Lily's 2nd birthday party is next Saturday and I'm wrapping up all the plans and gathering what I need to throw a Wubzy party!

I'm going to make this cake with the help of my super talented friend Heidi

Heidi also mentioned this great blog to me called 12 of 12. The concept is this:

Twelve pictures of your life, taken the twelfth of the month! Remember the details, remember the routines, remember the way things really are!

I love this concept and this will be my first month playing! Here goes!

We set out to Toys R Us to pick up Lily's birthday gift and found this personalized cup that Lily went nuts over. She didn't put it down the WHOLE day!

After Toys R Us not having the kitchen we wanted in stock we headed to the South Bay galleria for lunch at Red Robin.

Mom had to get another shot of us girlies, a friend of mine Angela thinks these shots are the best!

While we were waiting for food Lily was making fish lips and momma caught it!

After lunch we made our way upstairs to The Disney Store to make a very special purchase.

Yes, you guessed it! Lily's very 1st princess party dress!

Lily loved the heels {notice the cup? See I told you she wouldn't put it down}

She spent a lot of time looking at the shes and was lovin the flip flops. She is SO her mother's daughter!

We finally settled on the Belle dress since Wubzy is dressed in yellow too! Daddy was a good sport and shelled out the cash for his daughter's party wear and let me snap his pic. Love you babe for indulging my girlish notions.

Then it was time to hit Costco and Lily and the cashier were talking about her special cup

Finally on the ride home, Lily got a visit from the sand man. Pretty great he makes automobile calls...
And finally while I was cooking dinner I came into the living room to find all of the bins behind Lily emptied all over. I looked around and declaired "Lily this is one hot mess girl!" To which she gestured at me a thumbs up. Hmmm looks liked Daddy is rubbing off on his little girl.
That's 12 photos of the 12th day of July! What fun we had!!

Now for a little Jacksonbelle Embellishment announcement. All Daisy D products are on sale at Jacksonbelle…most are 50% or more off of their original prices.

There are some fabulous Daisy D embellies in the store for a $1 that you'll want to get your hands on! Make sure you stop by the blog to get some Daisy D inspiration from the J'belle rockstar design team!

I'll have some fun Unity things to share tomorrow as part of my Guest Designer spot so make sure to stop back by.

I hope you had a great weekend with your family and friends. Thanks for coming by!

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Lisa Spiegel said...

Oh your little Lily is too too cute! She is going to make a beautiful Belle!!

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