Monday, July 20, 2009

What a show!!! Last night it was finally time for the concert! I got to see my totally favorite band for my Anniversary a gift from hubby. I must admit he totally suprised me. I usually know what I'm getting for gifts from him but this one really was a super cool suprise.

Here's us being cheesy with our tickets as we're heading out the door to drive down to Irvine.

A shot before the show of the VIVA balloon and the crowd at Irvine Meadows.

Woo Hoo band comes on finally at 9pm to Lovers in Japan! We got there are 6:00. the opening acts weren't that great but Coldplay was worth the wait.

A shower of butterfly shaped confetti for VIVA LA VIDA

The very entertaining Chris Martin. He was really funny during the concert

The band trekked all the way up to the cheap seats to play a few sets for us. I found this extremely classy!

It was a great night out with my hubby!

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Jessica said...

ohh I am so them! glad you had a great time!

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