Scrappy Coaster Mini Album...finally!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

So sorry for the late post, my husband and I went out to the early matinee this morning to see Star Trek. Loved it! For me Star Trek represents some great memories growing up with my Dad watching the episodes on t.v. with us. When the 1st Star Trek movie came out he was really excited to take us to see it.

Then when we got home this afternoon and sat down to write my post our Internet went out. Go finally here's my finished coaster mini album.

I decided to use pics from our family walks in the evening for the theme of my album. I want our kids to remember the fun times we have as a family.
Hope you had a great weekend and got to spend some fun times with those you love.


Toothy said...

Love it, so cute and you went green and recycled objects. I need to make something for my Mom and this is such a cute idea.

Katherine S said...

I Love your album! In fact I was inspired to do one myself tonight. I posted it on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration, Shemaine! Thanks for sharing.

Jessica said...

that came out great Shemaine! love it!

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