Getting back to scrapping

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm finally starting to feel better! Yesterday I scrapped this layout about our family walks.
In the evenings for the past two weeks my family has been taking walks before dinner. My husband and I really need to get back in shape so we thought this would be a good way to help. My son likes to ride his bike and miss Lily is thrilled to sip on her sippy cup and take in the sights of our neighborhood. It's a great time for Mat and I to really be able to talk to one another which is nice. I think Lily and i enjoy it the most since we are both indoors most of the day when Cayden is here. I love flowers but i won't let my hubby waste the money on buying me them so I snapped these picks while on our walk.

This is a neat part of the walk. It's a tunnel of tree and actually pretty thick too.
Scott loves this house because of the shrubs cut in the shapes of animals. Can you tell what animals are here?
Time to get off the computer and get a few things done today. Thanks for stopping by!


Denise said...

Beautiful Layout Shemaine!!! Love that you scrapped about your family walks!!!! Great the shrubs...I didn't think people really did that, but I guess they do!! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

wow great pics...the tree tunnel is so awesome..i want one! love the kids would love that also.

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