Finished up some layouts and another day of Soccer

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I was able to finish up 2 challenges I wanted to get to this weekend, the first over at my second home Scrapping Out Loud This week's challenge was to use over sized letters on your layout. I ran out of ink in my printer after I did the Prima challenge last week so I started digging thru some old photos' yesterday and came across our first trip to Bear Bear when Scott was only 4. We went up there to visit Santa's Village only to discover Santa had already packed up and headed back to the North Pole. I was really proud of Scott because he wasn't sad he just wanted to get out and play in the snow. I can hardly believe after looking at these pictures that Scott has grown SO much.

Make sure you check out Scrapping our Loud's Design team call too! I think it woulds be loads of fun to be a part of such a fun group of ladies. They are always stopping by to leave me some love each time I participate in their challenges.
I also completed the challenge over at The Design Experiment for this week.
There are so many things going on in our lives everyday...this week we just want you to take a second and ask yourself "Why?" Take it to whatever level you want..silly, serious, choose!
Well I chose the Silly route after coming across this picture of my Beanie Babies. Yep! I know laugh out loud cause I got wrapped up in the craze. I was hopping from store to store looking for each bear and hoping I'd collect them all because some day I was gonna get a fortune for them...
Um, yea Right. They currently reside in my garage in plastic bags and thankfully for them I had a daughter so they now have hopes of occupying her bedroom shelves some day. Anyone else give in to this madness??? I'd love to hear your story too!
So the rest of my day sadly will not include scrapping until possibly tonight after all the Soccer festivities that are planned. Today is my son's last regular season game at 12:30 and then we are having the team party. We had two games yesterday and after these poor kids played their hearts out they sadly lost both games. The first game was so intense I could not sit down. There was a kid on the other team that was pushing and tripping and all kinds of craziness and the other moms and I were like "Hey" but you know the men...."let them work it out on the field" What I did notice is that the boys banded together as a team to support each other against this bully and protect their team mates. It was inspiring to see the team spirit. One particular boy tho took the loss especially hard and did not return for the second game. I was really sorry to see the parents allow this. I think that in team sports it's really important that the kids realize that whether you win or lose, you do so as a team. I hope to see him today as do the other boys.


Jessica said...

Love your pg. Shemaine!

Jessica said...

Hi! Check out my blog..I nominated you and your blog for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Keep up the great work!

Denise said...

Love your big letters! Thanks for playing! Hey I nominated you too...You are so deserving of this award, you got 2 of them!

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