What a day!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Well it started out terrible and ended on a high note! First off today was the kickoff of this month's Constant Campaign for Close To My Heart. Everyone was so excited to take advantage of the great deals on stamps and paper kits. I got up early to be ready when the launch happened at 7 a.m. and to place an order for my friend Janene who is out of town. It was just ridiculous. The website could not support the traffic and they were locking up and freezing, I mean it was a joke really. Then the phone started ringing with my customers frustrated and worried they would miss out on the stamp sets they had picked out weeks ahead of time. it was just a mess, then I get myself a cup of my good ol' morning Joe to calm my own frustrations and what happens next, yea my phone rings again and I go to pick it up and drop it right into my morning coffee...ARRRRGGGGG!!! Blackberry...toast! Yep it doesn't work at all! So I am hoping that drying it out in a bag of rice all night as suggested on a website for this issue will help cause I will be so dang bummed if my phone is done. It was a gift from a friend who upgraded to an Iphone and I appreciated her kindness more than you know (have you seen how much those phones cost!)
So after that morning I needed a walk and off Lily and I went to the post office to mail an Accordion Album I made for a customer. When I got back I had a couple emails from some City Mommies inquiring about my scrapbooks I make and it turns out I may have a couple orders! My friend also wrote me again asking for another handmade album for a new baby so the day was picking up. More later...

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