I got a cool award today!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

After the day I had, I soo needed a lift! I check my blog to find that Kristapista, a pal from Card Makin Mamas gave me a cute lil kudo!

It's pretty cool, I think. My day started out pretty grim but as the afternoon came around things cheered up. I have a few orders for some more Scraptastic Accordion Albums and I finished one for a friend and mailed it off today. Here's the cover.
I also want to give props to my pal Cass for finding the website that helps you bling up your blog. I saw she had recently made changes to her and followed the same link that's in the left hand corner of my blog and kicked it up a notch around here. I think it looks pretty darn sweet! Thanks Cass!
Now I have to figure out my 7 ladies

1 comment:

MamaCass07 said...

You are very welcomed..but I got this website from heathermom8. =0) Though, I would LOVE to take credit for it. =0)

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