A couple of first's for me today!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

So my new obsession is looking at blogs, scrapbooking ones to be exact and then finding more cool blogs off of other blogs to look at. There is so much talent and beauty in all scrapbooking blogs I have seen so far. I find so much inspiration and creativity in their posts and gallerys of artwork. I recently discovered a blog off the Bad Girls Site called The Design Experiement, http://thedesignx.blogspot.com/ I loved the blog and the ladies contributing and the challenges they have posted so much that I decided to give this weeks challenge a whirl. No keep in mind I saw this posted last Sun night and saw that I had until 7 p.m. to post a link to my submission tonight. I planned to work on this right away, I even took the pics I had in mind that same day but then the weeke started and I had Scott's birthday and a project I am stuill working on for a client and then another friend emailed me about an Accordian Album she wanted for a little girls 1st birthday gift. I also had to get the card challenge designed and cut for my Scraptastic group as well as get the new challenges and page maps up. Oh and did I mention that I am also in a weight loss group and the owner PM's me to be a team leader. I have a serious problem with not being able to say NO.

Sooooo I finally found time to scrap this challenge today, before going to my first class at Sonja's Scrap Spot http://www.sonjasscrapbookspot.com/contents_spot.htm

We made these really great Explosions boxes, my first! If you live in LA, you've gotta check out her shop, it's super cool like her!

So I literally finish the layout right before I need to leave for the class at 3 and (remember I have to post by 7) and I am uploading the pics to my Photobucket account http://s224.photobucket.com/albums/dd279/shoegal90045/ and my computer truns off. EEEEEEEEEEEEEkkkkkk!!!! I was so mad! So I restart and get it going again and I have to re-type my journaling and what happens...yes you guessed it! It shuts down again! So I run out the door all flustered because after the class I have to come back home instead of heading straight to the gym like I had planned.

I finally got the darn thing uploaded and in time for the challenge! Hooooray! Oh and I also forgot to mention that while I was typing my journaling my printer ran out of black ink so I had to print it in brown which I think the black would have looked much better. Anyway, here it is!!

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Perfecting Imperfection said...

Hey! Check my blog... you've been given the Brilliante award by yours truly! It will have instructions on what to do :)

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