Thursday, August 21, 2008

Alright so I am debuting my new "DO" I could not handle my hair long any more. I took the baby and she sat so sweetly in my lap while the woman washed and then cut 6 inches off my hair! Gosh I am so lucky to have such a well behaved little girl. I love my new haircut and it's just in time for our vacation. I can not even tell you the lightness I feel with my hair. I was getting so tired of wearing my hair in a bun with a clip all day.I almost feel sexy again! hee hee So I bid you all and ALOHA! We are off to Hawaii and I will be back Sun the 31st and bloggin it up about my trip and the kids. Until then...SCRAP IT UP!!!!


Thinknpinkmom said...

Woo hooo, look at you hot mama!! :) I hope you have a wonderful wonderful trip!! Can't wait to hear about it, and see all those wonderful layouts.

daniescraps said...

Great Do!! Love it~~

daniescraps said...

Also, I have that card on the top of the page!! You sent it to me forever ago!!! Is that another one, or a pic of the one I have? Also, I like how you have your name on it.

Great blog darlin'!


MamaCass07 said...

Very nice "do"! Must be in the air this month, lol! I really like the color of your hair too!

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