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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wow, what a busy day. So I went to bed at 3AM!!!! Am I freakin crazy, I am so not 19 anymore when staying up late and then having to get up at 9am was a snap. We met my mother in law for a nice breakfast (her treat!)at Dinah's. Lily and I snacked up scrambled eggs and banana but pancakes and mommy had two cups of much needed coffee. We had a really nice time chatting it up with Mombo and playing with Lily. She is just growing so fast. I can hardly wait for my parents to get their hands on her next week when they come into town Weds. Every time I think about how much closer I am to hugging my mom and feeling her hug me back i tear now :)
So we checked out a few apartments in El Segundo after breakfast and I had found an ad for something cheaper than what we are currently paying was sooooo small. There was no dining room. You walked in the door and there was the kitchen, I mean right there! We could never fit our furniture in that place and with me being home all day I am sure the walls would close in on me. That's not even the worst part...there was NO PLACE TO SCRAP! Nothing, Nada, Not happening so I told my husband no way no day am I living there to save a buck. The main reason we are actively looking for a new apartment in El Segundo is to get Scott into the Jr. High. They have their own school district and one of the best and public so we are really hoping to find something that will fit us.
Finally came home about 2 p.m. and I kid you not I have been cleaning my entire scrap space from top to bottom. I am throwing stuff out that I don't use. Creating a donation pile of card stock I bought and was like "what was I thinking????" Do you have those moments when combing thru your stash? I am really picky about my embellies and bling and quality items now. I can't believe I even settled let alone spent my money on some of this stuff! It's pretty funny but coming along well. I organized all my letters and chipboard by color. I also organized my stickers and stick ease. It's been a work in progress but I can honestly say I'll be done by midnight. Maybe I'll post a pic when I am done...ha ha
So last but not least the layout I posted last night with the addition of the bling. If I have not said it enough, get yourself some Say It In Crystals Bling, it really does make a page don't ya think???


Thinknpinkmom said...

AHHH I love those little bling swirly flourish things. Where can I buy them? I have not seem them around here.

Good luck with finding a new place, I hope it all works out.

:) I need to clean my scrap area as well.

MamaCass07 said...

Awe, I know what you mean about a small place! Before we moved into this place, DH and I both had our own hobby rooms. Then I got preggo...and we moved here. like 800 square feet. Yuck. If we didn't live by the park to get out once in awhile, I might go bonkers. On the plus side, we do have a nice backyard too.

LOVE that bling! I have been wanting to get some, but it costs a little more, so I am waiting. Its on the list, though! =0) As always, love your layouts!

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