She threw a Pirate's & Pixie's party for her little girl

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It all started with Tinkerbell...I wanted a way to have a fun Birthday party for Lily and not make it So girly that we could not include the boys too. Since she is really into the Disney Princesses, {we started these themes with her 2nd Birthday} when she chose to be Belle...

and Arial last year {her 3rd birthday}

So when she chose Tinkerbell { for her 4th birthday} I knew it was perfect for a Pirates and Pixies theme.

I spent weeks searching images via Google and pinning them onto my Pinterest board for Lily's 4th birthday ideas. I really suggest you surf this awesome blog, Hostess with the Mostess that has tons of party ideas and amazing photos too for your next party theme!

I poured over ideas, spent several hours hunting for the supplies, made the girls tutu party favors and most of  the decor myself. So to my friends and family that were unable to attend, please enjoy this photo heavy recap of Lily's special day...

We served up some great treats

Toad stool pops {donut holes covered in red candy melts topped with white chocolate chips on marshmallows}

These were a big hit with the kids.

Mat enjoyed grilling up some kosher Hebrew National dogs for the kiddos.

Let me tell you, they enjoyed snacking them up too!

I never buy my kids birthday cakes because I really love baking their special treat myself. This year I baked Lily's favorite, yummy pixie chocolate cupcakes and colored the icing purple to match the flower baking cups.

The Tinkerbell cupcake decor was easy to create. Paste clear stickers {from Michaels} on acetate and cut them out. Use BBQ skewers and hot glue to add them to your cupcakes.

And since it was a Pirate themed party too, the boys loved their Pirate party favors from Oriental Trading.

The girls favors were handmade tutu's with Gerber daisy's hot glued with ribbon. They all  looked darling in the tutu's.

The Pirate booty table was a hit with the boys. I found all of this at Oriental Trading as well.

And the Pixie table was garnished with flowers and metal tins I purchased at Michaels. I hung a wicker wreath embellished with flowers and ribbon from the tree and it looked great over the cupcake tier. I also used chipboard and my Cricut machine to create the coordinating Happy 4th Birthday banner for Lily. These decorations really didn't take much time to whip up.

Yes there were a few mishaps with the wind and thank goodness for packing tape holding my table cloths from blowing away. Who would have figured there would be that much wind on a July afternoon?

Oh and at one point the jumper deflated with the kids inside.  Scott {aka big brother} had it under control and got all the kids all out safely while Mat got it going again.

Lily's friends posed for a group photo to remember her day (from the left: Sophia, Annabelle, Kristiana, Zalie (baby) Lily, Lily's cousin Gavin, Karen, Bradley, Calvin and hiding in the back is Riley.

So many beautiful little Pixies and Swashbuckling Pirates! Arrggg!!!!

Our little Tinkerbell really shined on her special day.

I found her outfit on Ebay, a Disneyland exclusive for a fabulous price!

I'm saving it in hopes that someday her daughter will wear it.

We had so much fun with all our friends. Lily has known Kristiana since they were 2 1/2.

I was so thankful my sweet friend Tami showed up early to help me set up.


I love my family and celebrating these special moments together really is a gift.

Mombo {Mat;s mom} was a big help and made sure no one was thristy. We love you Mombo!

Lily has been talking about her party for over a week now so I know I made an impression with all my planning to make her party fun for her. I have to admit I'm glad next year we're heading to Disneyland for her 5th. I think I need an extra year to

But with all the planning, baking, creating banners, tutu's, decor and setting up...none of it would be worth it without the photos. I can never thank my friends Heidi and Monica enough for capturing Lily's special day through their eyes so I could have such beautiful photos to remember it all.

All of these beautiful photos posted today were taken by these ladies {I so puffy heart both of you for these photos} Here's Heidi and I. This girl has the most beautiful heart and an amazing eye for photography.

You give me so much more than just your friendship Heidi. Thank you for sharing your family with ours on Lily's special day. I sure love those boys!

Thanks for stopping by today...I think that's a wrap on my photo heavy party post. 


Queen of Paper said...

I love you too friend. We had so much fun at the party and feel so blessed to have you as friends!
Lily looked beautiful on her big day and everything was perfection :)

Kristine Berc said...

Looks like you did a totally amazing job! We love Tinkerbell in our house!

Liz said...

What an awsome idea! Wish I had thought of it twenty or so years ago when mine were that age! Hmmmmm, mabey for grand babies!!!!!!

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