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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We went to see Santa yesterday at The Grove. What a great afternoon we had, I only wish that Scott was with us but he is staying with his dad for the winter break. So here are some pics of our day.

On the way to Santa's house

Outside Santa's house with Frosty

Mr. Gingerbread keeping the kids happy while waiting to see Santa
Lily was scared of him...lol

My shameless Paparzzi moment faking a shot of the family
to catch a pic of Mark Wahlberg.

Another shot of him walking around to the back entrance to see
Santa because people were beginning to recognize him and approach him
in line.

After he saw Santa someone had tipped off the Pappers and they
were all over him. So sad. Here is a Paparazzi site that posted pics my
friend Jacqueline tipped me off to

OK so enough of the celebrity sighting and back to the family...

Here's a shot of Santa's house and we are about 15th in line

We're next to see Santa!

So we finally made it to see Santa and Lily was not too hip to sitting on his lap
so I let her keep her Leapfrog doll Lily for the pic. Santa was SO sweet! He
1st try, she's not looking...
This is the best shot we got of Lily and Santa, she started
to cry but the lady taking the photos was ringing jingle
bells which distracted her enough for us to snap a few
quick pics.

Family photo

Here's Lily and Dad on the bridge at The Grove, Mat proposed to
me on this bridge December 2006. There is a beautiful water show
in the pond at night and I still remember walking along and suddenly
feeling him tug my arm when we got to this spot. We love the Grove
and try to visit as often as we can.


Jessica said...

Great pics Shemaine..I went to the other site to see if I could see a celebrity sighting of Shemaine and family in the Mark Wahlberg pics..that would of been cool. Too bad the paparazzi could not take off the Christmas season to give these poor people a break. Have a happy holiday season and congrats on making the SOL team..we love your pgs.

Denise said...

Congrats on making the team! Love all the gorgeous pics of the family!

Jacqueline said...

Love these pictures!!! Hehe I am chuckling...great celeb shot! ;) Such an adorable family!

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