So Excited!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My mom arrives tomorrow to stay with us until the 15th! My hubs will be leaving early early Sunday morning for New York for two weeks. What will I do??? Wait I already figured that one out! I called my momma LOL!!! I can not wait to card it up while she is here!!! I know the time is going to fly by! We are driving up to the central coast next weekend to visit her mom and it will be nice to get away tho I am feeling guilty about missing Scott's soccer game. he'll be at his dad's for the weekend but I still feel bad.

His team had a game tonight and won. Those boys have come so far from the first few games. It's great to see them out there working together. The coaches got together and ordered pizza's for them after the game tonight. It was fun.

I worked on this layout today. I was in a distressing mood. I took these pics at Harley's birthday in Santa Monica earlier this month. I picked up this hat for Lily at the craft fair I only sold 10 cards I love purple!

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