Dodgers Sweep the Cubs!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Anyone that knows me knows that besides my love of scrapping I've got a love for baseball. Especially my home team the Los Angeles Dodgers! When my parents came to town in August I went up to Dodger Stadium to pick up tickets for a game while they were visiting. Normally there is 2-3 people in line buying tickets when you go during the week and when I got there I saw a huge line. I wasn't sure what the deal was but I unloaded the kids and we got in line. After standing there for a few minutes I learned that the Dodgers had signed Manny Ramirez formerly of the Bosten Red Sox. This was pretty huge since over the past few years there were rumours of the Dodgers being interested in big hitters but never being able to aquire the batters we needed. Finally the McCourts get a handle on a great player and to top it off we've already got Joe Torre!

When Mat and I started dating the Dodgers won the division title after Steve Finley hit a grand slam home run against the Giants. It was definately an unusual year as many great players were traded one being Paul LoDuca. He was a fan favorite and the trades didn't seem to make sense but the fans rolled with it hoping for a great post season attempt to the World Series. It didn't happen...the Cardinals took us down and the season was over.

Now in 2008 after the 3 game shutout over the Cubs who had the second best record of the year I am believing that we might just be able to see a World Series run at Dodger Stadium.

Who knows maybe this little gnome brought us the luck we needed??? At this point I really don't care what got us here. GO DODGERS!!!!


Jessica said...

I love baseball also..we are a huge family of red sox fans!!

momma_lizzie said...

awwwww I love gnomes!!!

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