Take 12! and so it begins...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello friends! Did you start the Ella Publishing Take Twelve Photo Challenge today? If you forgot no worries, it's not too late to sign up and I won't tell that you took your photos after the 12th (it'll be our little secret) Get all the details here. You're going to love this challenge and when you look back over the next year's adventures you'll be glad you gave it a go!
I have been SO busy and today I had to wrap up a project for a deadline. Here's one of my photos from today.

Yep this is a hot mess and I was busy today that's for sure but I got the project done in time and they loved it so it was a success! I'll just leave this mess til the morning.

Hope you had fun taking your 12 photos today! I'll share more later...I'm exhausted.

1 comment:

Kristine Berc said...

Ooh, love the peek into your space!

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