I want to break FREE!!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Notice the new song! I've started working on those resolutions baby!!! I am SO done with the way I have been living for the past 10 years! It's a new year and I am ready for a new me. I've been living with so much weight for so many years (physically and emotionally) that I finally feel like I finally have the courage to lift it off of me for good.
I have come to realize with great clarity that there are things I can and can not control in my life. I have spent too much time being upset about the ones I can't and not focusing on the ones I can. It's like being on a treadmill. You can keep going and going but you never go anywhere. I am ready to open the door and walk outside putting one foot in front of the other and believing in myself again. I may not get where I really want to go but at least I'll be trying. And the rewards will be greater than I expected I'm sure.

So the first of these journeys is to get fit and live a healthier life. It won't be easy I know but I'm ready to watch out! I started Jan 2nd. I have been walking 30 mins per day and I joined Sparkpeople.com. Free support and tools to help you reach your goals what could be better!
The second journey is to be better organized so I spent my entire weekend going thru my scrapping stuff and organizing and weeding out stuff I just don't use. Sheesh I have wasted some cash on silly things I must admit. Anyone else purchase the Xyron Design Runner? Waste of money I am tellin ya. I am pretty good about recycling pasta jars for my Prima flowers and Stickles storage. I have a round silverware holder that serves as a great place to keep my glue pens, liquid adhesive and scissors.
For living in an apartment I have a pretty awesome scrap space in our hallway. It's a 3 by 10 foot counter top with cupboards above and below for tons of storage.
Here's my organized, clean space!

Now my resolution is for it to stay this way when I am not creating. I told my hubs that I was hoping to have it look like this every night before I go to bed. I am really going to try to live up to that promise.
So that's my start. Every day is a gift. The best gift of all is to be able to love one's self and then the rest just falls into place.


Denise said...

Wow,,,,you go girl! I love your new attitude! Your scrap space looks amazing!

Heather said...

It is crazy that I have been feeling the same way today .. and a lot of other days in the past. I have things I want and need to change about myself ... but just think about it. Never do it. I prayed today and am giving it all to God. He is the only one sho can help me break free and change my life. I am excited about 2009. about becoming a better mother, friend, wife, daughter, sister ... just a better ME all around. Thank you for this post. Stay strong! Break Free!!! :o) Hugs!!!

redmom said...

Woohoo you go girl!!! Your space is great, gee it's bigger than mine. Great now I'm jealous! LOL

Anonymous said...

OMG-your scrap space makes me feel entirely embarassed by my crazy, cluttered, crafty explosion on my desk. I have at least cleared a space to work, but I do need to get rid of a bunch of stuff. There should be some kind of exchange, what is one persons junk could be another scrappers treasure right?

Loving your new Years attitude. I am right on the band wagon with you as far as being healthy and eating healthy. This is my first Christmas I DIDN'T gain weight and really it feels great to start the new years without that "weight" on my shoulders(and butt).

You've also inspired me to walk more! I'm the worst at walking, but if you're doin' it, I'm gonna try too!

Great post :)

Jacqueline said...

You have the power to do this Shemaine!!! I believe in you! I am here for support anytime! We'll get our butts in gear together! Your space looks awesome, it makes it so nice when it is really clean, then it is easy upkeep after that, I have a perfectly clean house finally after a month of clutter! We can do it!! :)

Kristi B. said...

you go girl!
I have a surprise for you....



Tessa said...

Amen sista! Best of luck to you and I hope I can do as well!

Lydia said...

Awesome little clean scrap area! Good luck in your new resolutions. Im hoping I can stick to mine too.

Kerry said...

What a great scrap space! All I have is a tiny little nook in our kitchen! :) Best wishes for you in the New Year!

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