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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today my son Graduated from 5th grade at Loyola Village Elementary. It was a nice Culmination ceremony and at the end the students sang You Raised Me Up and presented their mothers with roses. It was so sweet and touching. I can hardly believe my little man is growing up and going to the 6th grade. I am very pleased with Scott's grades this year, the best yet!

My monthly workshop metts here tomorrow night and I am very excited to be having a special guest. Christina (the owner of Scrapping with Friends) is visiting Los Angeles from Washington State this summer and is attending my workshop. I am really looking forward to meeting this special gal. Just after I had Lily I saw an ad for Cafe Mom after checking my Yahoo email. I checked it out and her group Scrapping With Friends, was the first one I signed up for. I loved the QPMU (quick pick me up) challenges. They really helped me get my scrapping going again. When Lily was sleeping I would scrap and it really helped relieve the stress of being a new mom with a newborn baby and all the crazyness those first few weeks bring. I always tell people that SWF saved me from the baby blues!

I am really excited to have won the card challenge in Card Makin Mama's last week with this card. The technique was a really fun and original card challenge. I got my first card today from one of the gals that competed. Such an awsome prize! Win the challenge and get all the cards submitted for the challenge as your prize.All the ladies in this group are very talented ladies! I especially love the group owner Cass, another creative and classy Cafe Mom!

So I chose the challenge for this week and for me it was a challenge as well...stamping on transfer paper and creating a card. This look is definately the ultimate in classy cards. Perfect for weddings and anniversaries~! Thanks to the awsome site Spiltcoaststampers for posting such creative and cutting edge tutorials!

So I am gonna head to the store to pick up some ice cream and toothpicks to create my own cup cake graduate decor, I was shocked there were no cup cake decorations for graduations. Not to worry, anyone that knows me knows I can always make my own... Oh and anyone else celebrating a Graduation, Congratulations Graduate!!!


Christina said...

Aww thanks for the kind words! Im so looking forward to coming and scrapping! I havent done much scrapping at all since I have been here and its time for me to get my hands back in it! Im just hoping I dont melt before then, its so awfully hot and Im not used to heat anymore! See you tomorrow!

Thinknpinkmom said...

Oh wow!! That's so awesome that you and C are going to meet! I hope you guys have lots of fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures! :)

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