Summer is in full swing!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello friends. I know it's been awhile since I posted. My June has been SO incredibly full of assignments, kitting for classes, travel, laughs, good times with friends and much needed family time. Mat is into his second month of his new job and doing well. It's hard that he is gone so much now but he feels great being out there working a good long day.
I was able to attend Lily's Water Safety Day at Mother's Beach the week before the last of school. She had an awesome time!

She gave it a BIG thumbs up!

Now that the kids are out of school for the summer that means I have both the girls all day. Let me tell you, they are a handful as a pair but I love having Lily home. This past week was challenging playing referee but I think Zalie is pretty happy about it too.

Scott finished his Sophomore year with a 3.0 and made me proud after really struggling thru Geometry.
So back to school for a minute. Lily has officially completed Kindergarten and excited to be on her way into 1st Grade in August. She absolutely loved her class mates and her teacher, Mrs. Rathburn.

Class of 2025

My trip to TX was a ton of fun and I really enjoyed teaching my classes. Everyone had a great time. Spending time with friends, lunching and hanging out was the highlight of my weekend. Dang tho! We did not take any pics together. Here's one of my sweet students and her finished Shadow Box.

Lily celebrated our sweet friends Kaarin and Kristiana's 6th Birthdays at California Park. We met the girls there when they were all about three and they have been playing together ever since. We are so thankful we met the Davis family.

Father's Day was a fun day filled with giving Dad extra love, a picnic and some kite playing in the Playa Lagoon.

Today we kicked off Fun Friday (that's a little something I am doing this summer with Lily where every Friday since I don't  have my daycare baby we do something fun just us girls) with an invite from our friends Finley, Molly and Delaney to come play in the Sprinklers. The girls had a blast.

So that's what we've been up to for June and I am loving what summer has brought us so far. Tomorrow we are headed to Santa Monica with Mat's mom for a swim day at a swanky pool. Yep I'll post pics later this weekend!

Hope you are out enjoying your summer too!


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