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Sunday, January 6, 2013

I am not a resolution maker because I'm that girl who breaks her resolutions like... 5 minutes after she makes them. So instead I chose to try One Little Word. For me this challenge gives me power and the feeling that if I fall too far from my word I'll feel that little nudge of encouragement to embrace it again. So with that said I bet you're wondering what my word is for 2013 right


I really thought a lot about what my word would be this year and I realized looking back on 2012 that I really hadn't valued myself in so many areas of my life. And since I did not value me, I allowed others to de-value me in business and personal relationships. It was really hurtful to come to this realization because I also realized that I've spent most of my life not knowing what my worth really was. We all have value and as women who have careers and families, it's so easy for us to put ourselves last...always. So after choosing my word I feel ready for the challenge to value myself.

Self discovery can be life changing and I am excited to embrace this year's One Little Word challenge.

What is your 2013 One little Word?

I'd love to hear it so leave me a comment.

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