Pssst! It's (finally) Halloween!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

EEEEK! Can you feel the creepy in the air? It was foggy here last night and this morning...Halloween is surely creeping in this morning.

I'm headed to Lily's school later today for some Halloween fun so stay tuned for those pics.

We had a great time on Sunday at my friend Monica's Annual Pumpkin carving party. This was our second year attending. Here's some photos I captured of my family in action.

Here's the one where Lily is scooping out the insides aka "the guts" as she declaired.

Here's the one where Lily says "I don't know Daddy, that one looks hard" as Mat tapes the template on.

Here's the one where I said "hey babe, looking good!"

Here's the one where Mat get serious about his carving skills


Here's the one where Mat is showing off his mad carving skills. Doesn't it look great?

The one where I snapped other happy carvers deep in carving creativity.

All carved up and ready to light. A family photo with our masterpeice or as hubby dubbed the pumpkin his "Magna Opus"

I'm off to bake some treats but before I go we have a few friends with Halloween Birthdays today. A very Happy Birthday to our family friend Mike Lenke and my friend Heidi Sonboul. Hope you both have a frightenly goulish day!

Here's wishing you all a very happy and safe Halloween with your families this evening.

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