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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wow! Thursday already! What a day I've had. My computer keeps turning off and I can't seem to figure out what is going wrong. Sure I can tell you how to get stains out of clothes you never thought you could and I'm really talented with paper and glue {wink} but for the life of me I can not seem to unravel this technical stuff!
I finally gave up and got into a mini album I am working on that I got this weekend at the Royal Slumber Crop. One of the things that drew me to the event was the class with Donna Salazar. She had a really cute mini album class using cardboard for the cover. I love to rip, tear and distress and I am also starting to play with paint! So it was just the right fit for me and where I'm at right now. The class was an hour and what I loved about it is we got the supplies and basic instruction and then she let us run with it. I love that! I've gone to past classes where the instructor wanted you to create the project exactly as she had designed it. One actually frowned at me when she saw I had distressed my card When I had my workshops I loved it when the girls would put their own spin on the project and make it their own.

So here's my cover. I love that worn a rugged look but what to the longest was using liquid glass to embellish every little cherries on this paper which by the way I totally {heart}. I've been wanting to do a little mini book about Mat and I when we were dating. I have so many photos I haven't done anything with so it seemed perfect to title the book All about Us.

Stay tuned for more pics of this cute little book! I hope to work on some more tonight!

Recently I was asked on a message board how do I take such great pics of my artwork. I have to thank Blogger land for the tips I picked up from other artists. I found a blog awhile ago explaining how natural light is the best light for photographing projects. I also learned that taping your project to the wall at eye level and turning off your flash was a great way to get great shots! I have a Fuji FinePix 6.3 that I think takes decent pics for a no fuss digital camera but I am still dreaming of the Nikon D60. I think my hubby is getting the message loud and clear since my birthday is coming up Sunday. I saw him getting our tax stuff together. I'll keep my fingers crossed!
So I'll leave you with a sneak of the layout drying as we speak on my table...I mentioned I was playing with paint these days. This pic was taken after I lost the natural light for today. See what I mean about the difference
Have a great night!!!


Denise said...

Shemaine your little book is just adorable....can't wait to see more of it!!!!

Jessica said...

ohh i can't wait to see more of the mini either....i love minis i just never have the time to make them. i also love the paint on the bottom...i look forward to seeing that whole layout..i bet it is gorgeous! have a great weekend!

peata said...

awesome mini.
will check back for more.

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