Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! Or "I love you day" as we call it. We got up and took Mat's mom out to breakfast at Dinah's.

A local hot spot here in L.A. and home to the famous apple pancake. I had no idea what that was til I met Mat.

It is absolutely delicious!! So we dined with Mombo and then went to Staples because I was out of ink. When I got back in the car I got this in my seat.

A husband after my own heart...I just got a Slice before Christmas and barely have any cartridges so this was big. I know jewelry is the big thing to get from your Valentine and hubby was going to purchase something for me at Tiffany's this year as a surprise. Of course I caught on and asked him not to...I am going to redecorate my craft space with our tax refund and I am just so excited. That really is enough for me. So I love that he listens to my craft wish lists I spout off at random and purchased a great backup gift...

After a few errands Lily was ready for a nap so we came home to relax a bit and recharge. She is so sweet when she is sleeping. She slept til after 4!

We finally got motivated to go out for our family I love you evening and as we hit the light on Vista Del mar I barely caught the sunset before it sunk into the sea...we went Pssssss! for Lily and she cracked up!

We parked the car and got out to take Lily down to watch the waves. She was so into the crashing of the waves and the sound it made.

Here's a shot of Daddy and Lily

I love living 10 mins from this...it's so beautiful.

After we headed to our favorite date spot, The Kettle. Mat used to take me here for breakfast and dinner while we were dating. I just love this little spot on the corner of Downtown Manhattan Beach. We had a yummy dinner with Lily and enjoyed just being out. Surprisingly it wasn't too crowded.

And finally a trip to Blockbuster to rent a movie to snuggle up to and watch once we put Lily to bed. It was a really nice Valentine's Day and I am so thankful for such a wonderful husband. Babe you make life so sweet! Thanks for your constant love and support!
I hope you all had a very special I love you day. It's been a tough month with some peeps I care for losing their loved ones and sweethearts. I hope that they will feel the love of those they lost on this sweet day since love truly is never ending and can be felt even when we are gone.
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laterg8r said...

sounds like a wonderful V day :D

so lucky to live so close to the beach :D

Laurel said...

Lots of fun pictures! Can't wait to see what you do with that cartridge, I'm sure it will be on my wishlist then!

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